What people have been saying about Ukeology?

I am constantly honored by your beautiful letters and comments. Thank you yet again for your support and feedback. Here are a few more recent excerpts from my emails and Facebook pages.

Carolyn Scott – 5 stars
“The most fun, the most immediately gratifying couple of hours , the most gracious of teachers Laughed my can off. George Harrison’s favorite instrument and for good reason. Give the gift of lessons to a friend and relatives For Christmas Chanukah, birthdays! Do it, do it, do it!”
November 24/ 2014

Frances Townend – 5 stars
“Awesome! Loved taking the beginner’s class with you and I’m so looking forward to starting the next level!”
March 28/ 2014

Meredith Kerrigan
“Fun and fantastic”
December 2/ 2014

Pauline Skokan-McCarthy
“Dear Judy, your classes have brought such an enormous joy to my life!! You have an energy and pure joy about Ukulele playing that is contagious. From my first lesson with you and because of you, I believed that I could learn to play Ukulele and be proficient enough to play with the talented and gifted musicians that I share my life with. Thank you for sharing your passion, you have a gift and I am grateful to benefit in your sharing of it. xoxo”
November 23/ 2014

Cher Piazza
“Dearest Judy, I had never played anything in my life, and after my first class with you I went home “playing” a song that I used to sing to my daughter. You gave me confidence and made me believe in myself. You also gave me the joy of playing and for that I am forever grateful. Your classes are well organized, very informative and most of all fun. You are an excellent teacher, never critical and always positive. Thank you for sharing your passion for music and for the ukulele . . . you are truly a bright light. xo”
November 24/ 2014

Della Bitove
“Judy you are such an inspiration to me. I LOVE our lessons! From the first lesson I was hooked on you and the ukelele! YOU are a serious talent who teaches in such a playful manner. Now here we are ten months later and I am going to be performing a uke concert, on my own , of all my fave sweet songs. What a playlist…thanks to you! And thanks to you I have the confidence to do so. You inspire me to continue growing and be the best I possibly can. Mwah. Love You.”
November 24/ 2014

Julie Kirsh
“Judy Marshak is a helluva talented performer and a great ukulele teacher! Check out her Toronto workshops.” November 7/ 2104
“Thank you so much dear Jude for the opportunity of ukulele introduction that I will never forget. Looking forward to the next series.” November 24/ 2014

Cindy Wozniak
“Her name is Judy Marshak…..sings like an angel and is very talented. Has been on stage and screen. …….. Judy, your workshops are the best. I really hope I can get into one of your intermediate groups in the New Year!”
December 3/ 2014

Judy, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for this wonderful afternoon!  My sister and her friend and I had a great time and it was so good to rekindle my learning with my uke!   My sister was so apprehensive about going and I kept telling her that it would be good for her ‘soul’ to go.  haha  And sure enough, it was!  She went straight to the Arts and upgraded her uke so she’ll all set.   You are such a beautiful person inside and out and your talent is just amazing.  You’re a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend your courses to anyone. …… Thanks again!
November 19/ 2014


“Thanks for such a fun evening. Can’t believe how much was covered. You were certainly inspiring and your many tips and examples were very helpful.”
– Debbie

“Thank you again for the great uke workshop last night. Feedback has been very positive. We all enjoyed and learned from your expertise and enthusiasm.”
– Bernadette

“Thank you, Judy! I loved the workshop and I am going to keep practicing. Actually I am a little tired today because I couldn’t put it down and get to bed last night!!”
– Jodi

“Thank you Judy….I found the session to not only be informative but also fun. Looking forward to future workshops.”
– Hillel

“Judy Marshak’s Beginner Ukulele workshop was incredibly inspiring and fun. She fosters great camaraderie and makes it a delight to be part of a group. I learned a lot and realized that I’d been paying way too much attention to the left hand and neglecting the rhythm section, otherwise known as the right hand! I highly recommend her classes.
– Anne

“Judy truly knows how to teach and motivate beginners. She is interesting, fun and inspirational in her Ukeology teaching methods and I learned so much in my first 2 hour class with her. For anyone who has ever wanted to play an instrument, this is great place to start. She even treated us to a private performance which was wonderful! Simply a fabulous evening of music and learning! ”
– Joy

“….loved your class. We played TWO songs!!”
– Leah

“First class was superb, Judy. Loved every minute”
– Catherine

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7 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Can’t remember the last time I had so much fun! 90 minutes packed full of learning, laughing and loving every second. In only 2 classes I’ve learned 8 songs! Judy is a joy to listen to and learn from, and a master of the uke – I am loving these classes!

  2. As a newly-minted “ukeologist”, I’m a convert! Judy is a great teacher, warm, upbeat and encouraging. And the few truly wonderful singing voices in our group pushed those of us who are shy about singing out loud in public to boldly join in the chorus while we strummed away. After a couple of weeks, I found myself looking for opportunities to cart my ukulele along, in case I had an idle moment. In the doctor’s waiting room? Maybe not. On the subway? Not ready. I wear the new calluses on my fingertips with pride. And look forward to the next round of classes!

  3. Judy’s Beginner Ukulele Workshop series proved to be an excellent tonic for a dark, snow-less winter. After 4 lessons, I’m feeling confident enough to take my very portable uke up north tomorrow and share some tunes with good friends. Thanks, Judy, for sharing your love of the ‘uke’ with me – it’s definitely contagious. Bring on Level 2!

  4. Hi Judy

    I can’t beleive it. I have just finished your beginner class and you have helped me fall in love with the ukelele. I pick it up many times thru the day and love to practice the many songs we learned in class.
    You made the class fun and encouraged all of us to try and find the music in ourselves. I look forwad to level two.

    Thank you again. Great job


    • Thank you Jane, for your lovely words. I’m so looking forward to this next Level 2 class…..I suspect by then you will be a undeniable addict! Yay!

  5. I just wanted to say thank you for being a very talented and inspirational teacher. I wish we had recorded the first class where most of us were not even sure how to hold our new Ukes – but were strumming to Hush Little Baby by the end of it. When you played and sang it first time – your voice was magical and I knew that I had made the right decision to sign up that night!! I had been on the fence about signing up but had bought a very inexpensive Uke and thought I’d give it a try. By the third class I was hooked and decided to purchase a decent Uke and now don’t want to put it down. I can’t believe that by the fourth and last class we played Hallelujah together and it was synchronicity – wish we had taped it ! Thanks for the websites that you shared with us to continue to learn on our own. I’ve downloaded and played many tunes and feel somewhat talented now as a “ukeologist”. I’ve just signed up for the advanced course starting in two weeks and can’t wait! You made the classes fun and a safe environment for newbie’s like me to experiment and learn. Thanks and see you in a few weeks.

  6. Nancy, Nancy, when you walked in to class with your beautiful new Kala uke, I felt as if we had bought it together! I was SO happy to see you dive full-in and embrace the experience with passion. You’re right, we should have taped Hallelujah, it was indeed a sweet moment for all….former ultra newbies playing Leonard Cohen. And more to come in Level 2. There’s no turning back now Nancy!
    (And I am honored by your post…..thank you for taking the time to say such nice things. It means alot to me, really)

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