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mailing address : 157 Queen St., Newmarket, ON, L3Y2E9

phone: 905 717 8696

AMI Artist Management Inc.
Robin Friedman
464 King Street East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 1L7
416-363-7450 (t)
             416-363-7473 (f)

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    • Hi Nancy,
      Yes, I live in Newmarket, and have given workshops here and in Aurora and Toronto as well. However, I’m leaving town for a month to go to New Brunswick on Feb.22, and this winter’s workshops have concluded, so for now, classes will be on hold till Mar/April. If you leave me your email address Nancy, I’ll keep you updated as to a spring schedule. (There is the option of squeezing in a private class before I leave, if that appeals to you. And depending on how “newbie” you are, I have a Level 2 Workshop booked here in Newmarket on Monday, Feb.13 from 4:30 to 6:30. Level 2 is for players who know some basic chords and have been playing, as beginners, but know a few simple songs and are not total, from scratch, brand new beginners. If you fit that category and can make that time slot, let me know and I’ll send you the info.
      Look forward to working with you both.

  1. Hi Ms. Marshak (Judy):

    I am curious to know the following:

    1) when will your next series of beginner ukelele classes begin?

    2) when & where will you be performing next in the GTA area?

    3) where do people purchase ukeleles in TO?

    Best regards,


    • Hi Dana,
      Sorry to be so late answering you, I’ve been away so much this year and sadly neglected this site. But 2013 has brought a new found determination to stay on top of things!! I finally figured out how to update a few things on here just last night. Whew.

      So, to answer your questions:
      1)Have a peek at the Upcoming Classes section – there is a 2 hour intro workshop this Sunday in Toronto, which may inspire a 4 week beginner workshop. If you already play a little, there are a couple Level Two Workshops that my work for you as well. Have a look.
      2)Next uke gig will most likely be at The Flying Beaver in Toronto, but dates have not been agreed on yet.
      3)My favourite music stores for ukes (and they all have different pros and cons):
      -The Twelfth Fret – less choice but good quality, ask for someone who really knows ukes and say I sent you
      -Steve’s – getting more all the time, and often different makes than the other stores, more unique
      -Broadway Music in Orangeville – if you can get there, they’re uke nerds, know lots and have tons to choose from – say i sent you
      -Long and McQuade – not always best staff for know how, last choice but still have nice instruments

      Look forward to hearing from you Dana.

    • Hi Dana,
      Going over some of my correspondence here, and thought I’ld check in with you. Did you buy yourself a ukulele? Are you still wanting to learn? If so, please send me your email address and I will keep you posted as to the next Beginner class. At the moment, the upcoming class is a Level 2, but if I get enough interest, I will squeeze in a Starter Beginner class sooner. What part of the city do you live in Dana? I do classes in Toronto, and also up here in Newmarket and Aurora. Look forward to hearing from you again Dana.

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