I suppose we’re a bit late for summoning any rain with these two fabulous oldie hits (if your parched garden is anything like mine, it’s almost beyond hydrating help now), but let’s do ’em anyway. Can’t hurt. Maybe someone up there will hear us.

“Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain” by the Cascades,1962, and “Here Comes the Rain” by The Eurythmics, 1984. So different, but both so hip and very easy with very few chords – almost ‘Newbie’ level – so if you can play those chords below, you can play these songs.

CHORDS TO REVIEW:    Am     F      C      G      G6      D      Bm      Am7
****Remember that Am7 is another name for C6, our favourite chord – NO FINGERS!

​​​Please remember to let me know if you’re coming!
*** Toronto friends, consider bringing a pal or two….carpooling!


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