My own young ‘Anne’ and I play “The Rainbow Connection”

This was my last week of lessons in Toronto, until I return from PEI in late October. Bittersweet feelings of leaving mixed with joyous anticipation of Charlottetown and the ocean and my beloved island where I’ve spent many summers playing the role of ‘Marilla’. This time in the lovely sequel, “Anne and Gilbert”. Good friends and good times await, I know.

Had to post this delicious video of my favorite student. Sorry everyone ….. I love you all, and I know I shouldn’t confess to having a favorite, but Emmi is such a special girl….that smile, that red hair, and most of all, that passion and joy. No doubt when I return, she will be 6 inches taller (and 5 months smarter!)

Just click on this link for a peek:  Judy and Emmi “The Rainbow Connection”



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